Our Centre

At Kempsey Children’s Services we value the relationships between educators, families and children.

We offer different sessions of care within the service to best suit different family situations. These sessions are broken in to Preschool, Pathways and Long Day Care.  Our educational program runs the same for all children, whether they are enrolled in preschool hours or long day care hours. All educational programs are play-based and are developed to follow the interests and developmental needs of the individual children attending each day. Our centre promotes inclusive practices, ensuring that all children with additional support needs are able to access our Early Education Program.

Our day incorporates an indoor/outdoor program, allowing all children to be able to move freely between the inside and outside play spaces. This allows for the majority of the day to be for uninterrupted play, with minimal transitions throughout the day.

Preschool: Hours are 8.30-4pm each day for 41 weeks of the year and are available during school term time. Preschool sessions are available for children who are aged 3 or above.

Pathways: Hours are 8.30-4pm each day and are available 45 weeks of the year. Pathways places are available for children under 3yrs whose families do not qualify for adequate Child Care Subsidy.

Long Day Care: Hours are from 7am-6pm each day and are available 50 weeks of the year. These sessions are available for all children aged 6weeks to 6years. Long Day Care places are subsidised with the Child Care Subsidy through Centrelink.

Baby House

  • Wattle Cottage is for children aged from 6 weeks – 18 months.
  • Baby house is designed with experiences suitable for our youngest children.
  • Safe, separate outdoor spaces allow for exploration at their own pace.
  • Flexible routines throughout the day which follows the individual rhythms of each child.
  • Two cot rooms, sheets supplied.
  • Maximum of 12 children every day, with 4 educators providing dedicated care – above ratio.


  • Consists of two cottages; Honeysuckle Cottage – for children aged 18-30 months and Lillipilli Cottage – is for our 2-3 year olds.
  • The Nursery cottages share a large outdoor space which provides varied play spaces appropriate for their age group.
  • We maintain separate indoor learning environments, which are accessible to children from both rooms throughout the day.
  • We have a community garden situated at the side of our nursery yard for the children and families to access at any time.


  • Consists of two cottages; Bottlebrush Cottage – is for our 3-4 year olds and Bluegum Cottage – is for our 4-5 year olds.
  • The preschool cottages share an outdoor space which provides varied play spaces for their age group.
  • Separate indoor learning environments which are accessible to children from both rooms throughout the day.
  • Children in the preschool rooms have the opportunity to participate in excursions, both within walking distance as well as into the wider community.
  • Support to access outside health professionals such as speech therapy, occupational therapy.
  • Support, information and orientation for families and children who will be transitioning to School is provided.